Reuzel grooming tonic

Reuzel - Grooming Tonic For Men - Low Shine - Water Based - Adds Volume w/o Weighing Hair Down - Protects From Heat Damage - 852578006058 , 11.83 oz / 350 ml (1er Pack)

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  • REVITALIZE YOUR SCALP: Our bottle of men's thickening grease is the best male hair formula around. Boost your head's vitality and help regrow follicles with this men's growth product that'll restore your natural and professional looking mane.
  • PROMOTE YOUR HAIR'S WILD BEAUTY: Keep your dapper hair in place with a tough, multi-use liquid that adds shine while moisturizing and strengthening your scalp. This elixir, used effectively by barbers, is the ultimate follicle holder and solidifier.
  • ADVANCED INGREDIENTS FOR YOUR HAIRCUT: This hydrating liquid acts as a vitamin due to its healing and anti-aging powers. Take personal steps to heal dry strands with our volumizer as you prevent your grand look from losing its density and size.
  • A LIGHT FRAGRANCE FOR TOTAL COVERAGE: This truly American apple peppermint scent will wow those around you. The organic and undeniably male scent that'll surround you has been an essential staple of the barber's trade for years; make it yours too.
  • COMPLETELY VEGAN PRODUCTS: Make the right choice with our green tonic. This formula is better for your follicles and helps in the restoration of the world. It's easy to support life's balance as you continue styling hair with this scalp protectant.

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